Sylvania Symbol
The Sanctuary Circle
Elves 80% Dwarves 15%
Halflings 3% Other 2%

Sylvania is a nation that covers the Southern side of the Mirror Plane, a land of forest, jungle on the border of Drakenreich and icy mountains furthest South. The lands are loosely divided between various wild-elf tribes, the Dwarf Kingdoms and druidic groups. The elders, leaders, rulers and chiefs of these factions regularly meet to represent a united nation in the capital city of Sanctuary, established by a joint effort between the Dwarf Kingdoms and the Overseers.
Sylvania Forest
A land of expansive forest

The icy mountains of the Dwarf Kingdoms
A Sylvania Ranger

An Icepath Ranger of the Dwarf Kingdoms


Church of Nature's Unity
A unification of various faiths of Nature and their followers, churches and druidic organisations, by a company of diverse Exodites (known as the Peacemakers) working together closely with the Overseers, Eilistraeen supporters, Wild Elf chieftains and the Dwarf Clans.

The church was formed as part of the creation of the city of Sanctuary during the recent Age of War, a time of conflict between Drakenreich and Tyrfane that threatened to destroy or absorb everything that lay between them.

The Abbey of Nature's Unity, the result of Dwarves, Eilistraeen Drow and Druids working together

It was this church that unified the various factions of the forest and mountains into a military that was able to force an end to the war.

This included instituting the borders of a third nation, Sylvania, to divide Drakenreich and Tyrfane, and then working with the Overseers to create the Grand Council in the city of Hub, to maintain the peace between the nations.

The instituting of the Sanctuary Circle to maintain the unification of the factions of Sylvania seemed almost like an after-thought and is still very much a work-in-progress. Most factions seem all too keen to fall back into independence and the feuding that comes with it, even as tensions between Drakenreich and Tyrfane are once again on the rise.

Dwarf Clans
The most militant factions of the central region of the Mirror Plane are the Dwarf clans, loosely united as the Dwarf Kingdoms in the South's Icepath Mountains.

The Dwarves have successfully beaten back Giants into the Upperdark. They have kept Lolth's minions from rising out of the Underdark, and aided Eilistraeen Drow in securing their own territory, establishing underdark settlements and enclaves throughout Sylvania.

The Dwarves have secured Halfling merchant trade-routes against wild elf and Gruumsh barabarian raids, and continue to confront and reduce the usual norm of racism towards themselves and their  allies across the Mirror Plane.

A Kingdoms Guard on duty

Enclaves of Eilistraee

Protecting Army of Sylvania

The Sanctuary Circle
Sylvania's parliament meets in full on the last day of each month in the Tower of the Sanctuary Circle. This can appear to be a chaotic affair, as each faction has one or more benches allocated to it, depending on the population they (claim to) represent.

Governing policy is typically decided by a majority vote, although edicts from the Church of Nature's Unity will normally go unchallenged. And will often be ignored by those factions that disagree with them anyway.

The Meeting Hall within the
Tower of the Sanctuary Circle

Sanctuary Defenders
An elite militia who are responsible for law and order and the defence of Sanctuary and the surrounding region of forests that encircle it.

The Defenders are a diverse martial order of Dwarfs, Drow and other Elves all sworn to the protection of the town and the meeting members of the Sanctuary Circle.

Sanctuary Defenders keeping the town trouble-free

Sylvania Rangers Company
This organisation's remit is a much more nation-encompassing one than that of the Sanctuary Defenders and the membership less diverse.

A small number of drow focus on patrols in Sylvania's Upperdark, working alongside a smaller number of Dwarves to locate and deal with threats to the Eilistraeen settlements below.

Forest and jungle patrols are the focus of the majority of the company, a mixture of wood and wild elves, the latter often considered outcasts of their tribes who have abandoned their traditional duties.

The company does not range far South, as the Icepath Rangers, its membership all dwarves, focus their efforts on the treacherous icy Southern mountains.

Wild Elf Tribes
Traditional settlements beyond Sanctuary and the Dwarven mountain holds are few and far between in Sylvania. The largest segment of the nation's population is that of the many wild-elf tribes spread throughout the forests, and to a lesser extent, the jungle on the border of Sylvania and Drakenreich.

These tribes feud often and some are outright hostile towards anyone who isn't a member of the tribe. However, when it is necessary, the ranks of the Protecting Army of Sylvania will mostly be filled by these same wild-elves working together.


Children of the Moonmaiden

Circle of the Leaflord

Circle of Silvanus

Cult of the True Seldarine
Not every elf, wild or otherwise, is comfortable with the Eilistraeen presence and acceptance in Sylvania. Treated as the racist hate-group that they are, this cult is highly secretive, utilising terrorism and subterfuge to try and undermine the alliance between the Eilistraeens and other factions of Sylvania.

Ties to the Circle of the Leaflord have not yet been proven, but this fear has made this druidic group reactionary and defensive, and has only strengthened their public support of their Eilistraeen allies.

Drow City Nations of the Underdark

Dwarf Isolationists

Dwarf Kingdom Separatists
With the rising influence of the Church of Nature's Unity and the increasing size of the Protecting Army of Sylvania, after an Age of War securing the borders of Sylvania and the establishment of Sanctuary, a growing number of clans of the Dwarf Kingdoms are now pushing for independent recognition by the Overseers of their own nation, with the intent of becoming the Mirror Realms' de-facto peace-making and peace-keeping authority.

Several of the larger, more traditionalist Dwarf clans are holding this process back, keen to reinforce their power-base within Sylvania rather than risk a return to war with both Tyrfane and Drakenreich. And possibly even war with Sylvania, within which several wild-elf factions still hold considerable grudges against the Dwarf clans.

First Lords of the Mountains
Giants, forced into hiding in and beneath the icy mountains of the Dwarf Kingdoms, slowly allying and fortifying their holdings in preparation to retake their lands from the Dwarves.

Halfling Merchant Caravans

Halfling merchants in Sanctuary

Trade in Sylvania is not common as money and an economy reliant on it are not all that important to the inhabitants. Regardless,  Halfling clans have made great strides in providing beneficial trade between the various isolated factions of the land and have become surprisingly wealthy from it, in their own way.

Few efforts have been made to establish trade with Drakenreich, althought some head-way has been made by some of the more determined merchant clans in establishing trade with Tyrfane, even with the Bank of Waukeen constantly making it all so very unnecessarily difficult.

Icepath Rangers

Malarite Hunts

Mielikki Shadoweirs