1358-1380 - Age of Nations
  • 1358 - Rise of the Church of Bane.
  • 1359 - Official recognition of nation of Drakenreich by the Overseers of Hub.
  • 1360 - Drakenreich District established in the city of Hub.
  • 1361 - The Black City is officially founded by a united Church of Bane.
  • 1362 - Rise of the Church of Light.
  • 1363 - The city of Capitol officially founded.
  • 1364 - First meeting of the High Council of Lords in Capitol.
  • 1365 - Official recognition of nation of Tyrfane by the Overseers of Hub.
  • 1367 - Tyrfane District established in the City of Hub.
  • 1368 - A powerful Baneite warlock is freed from his planar prison cell.
  • 1370 - The First Black Hand of Bane takes his place as the First King of Drakenreich.
  • 1371 - The Dwarf Kingdoms effectively end a campaign against the First Lords of the Mountains, victorious.
    1380-1385 - Age of Change
  • 1381 - The Dais of Exodites is active again in the city of Hub.
  • 1382 - An exodite brings about the rise of the House of Zhentarim in Drakenreich.
  • 1385 - The Dais of Exodites is suddenly shut down.
    1385-1434 - Age of War
  • 1385 - The Spellplague threatens the very fabric of the Mirror Plane.
  • 1386 - The Arcanum Watch formed by Tyrfane.
  • 1387 - Rise of the Inquisition in Tyrfane.
  • 1388 - The Vampire Purge of Tyrfane begins.
  • 1389 - The Witch Purge of Tyrfane begins.
  • 1390 - The Desert Cleansing. Drakenreich forces strike out from The Black City and massacre thousands of Uthgardt tribes-people, burning and pillaging every settlement they find.
  • 1391 - Battle of the Deep Forest. Wild elf tribes ambush a huge battle between Tyrfane and Drakenreich armies in their territory, and wipe out both forces.
  • 1400 - Invasion of Tyrfane. A large Drakenreich force successfully destroys several Tyrfane garrisons along the edge of the Deep Forest and lays siege to a number of Tyrfane Houses.
  • 1401 - The Icepath Offensive. The Dwarf Kingdoms intercept both Tyrfane and Drakenreich forces in the Tundranic Woods and push them back to their own territories. The Dwarves then besiege numerous Tyrfane and Drakenreich garrisons, breaking Drakenreich's sieges on Tyrfane in the process.
  • 1402 - The Rejection of Lolth. The Dwarf Kingdoms aid a rebellion in the Underdark, ending a possible drow invasion of the surface in the process.
  • 1408 - The Gruumsh Assault. Gruumsh barbarian tribes strike from the jungle against Drakenreich garrisons and wild-elf settlements simultaneously. Quickly outnumbered the raiding tribal forces are soon decimated.
  • 1409 - The Orcian Jungle Burnings. Drakenreich retaliates against the surviving Gruumsh tribes.
  • 1414 - Rise of the Church of Nature's Unity.
  • 1415 - The official founding of the town of Sanctuary in the Deep Forest.
    1434-1490 - Age of Reformation
  • 1434 - Official recognition of nation of Sylvania by the Overseers of Hub.
  • 1445 - Sylvania District established in the city of Hub.
  • 1460 - First meeting of the Grand Council in the city of Hub.
  • 1461 - First meeting of the Sanctuary Circle.
    1490 (Now) - Age of Change
  • 1490 - The Dais of Exodites reactivates in the city of Hub.